Freelancing on vacation

Nearly half of freelancers hide their vacation from clients, a new survey reveals.

Want to know the vacation habits of self-employed US freelancers? A new survey by HoneyBook, a business and financial management platform for entrepreneurs and freelancers shared the interesting survey details. What they found is : 92% of freelancers work on vacation; of these, 60% of them work because they feel they have to work. Most of the freelancers worry that if they take time off, they will lose their clientele (Clients opt for alternatives when freelancers are not available) or they will lose their revenue. In addition, the survey also shows the gender disparity where 65% of female freelancers hide their vacation compared to 41% of men. This highlights the fact that women may feel more pressure than men to... Read more

6000 freelance scientists have registered with this online startup

Established in 2015, Kolabtree is a London-based freelance hiring platform. The company’s database includes freelancers (many with PhDs) has expertise in medical, food and environmental science and over 2,000 other scientific disciplines. Till now, Kolabtree has supported over 2,400 projects. 6000 freelance scientists across 121 countries are associated with Kolabtree providing high-value freelance services. Companies/Organizations can post a project on Kolabtree for free and the info is visible only to logged-in users. Then, by receive bids from freelancers, companies have the opportunity to interact with them before choosing the right freelancer for their project. During the process, The freelancer is only paid if the client is satisfied with the work and the budget can be modified if the scope of... Read more

Top freelancing trends to look forward in 2019

Top freelancing trends to look forward in 2019

The new methods of supporting the freelancing is increasing yearly. With the increasing demand of the digital talent, we will be seeing more innovation and change at its best in future. Facts about freelance market: The gig economy is now composed of 60 million workers, and it is now an ever bigger slice of the American workforce. By 2027 the majority of workers in the U.S. will be contract workers. We can say that there is more room to grow for freelance industry. Here are some of the top freelancing trends that we can look forward in 2019. Transparency through Blockchain Blockchain will have a bigger and important role in the freelancer’s journey years ahead. It enables reliable and faster... Read more

Learn using Fiverr Learn: A new platform helps freelancers to boost their marketing skills

Learn using Fiverr Learn: A new platform helps freelancers to boost their marketing skills

There is a new online learning platform called Learn introduced by Fiverr. Learn to update with new skills and keeping up with the latest market knowledge is a useful trait that every freelancer should possess.  Designed specifically for freelancers and professionals to up their skills, Fiverr Learn is a curated online course platform which is affordable and easy.  This is something super smart to loop between earnings and education. Learn has learning courses in digital marketing, graphic design, branding, copywriting, illustration and other topics. The instructors are the industry experts who has an excellent skillset to demonstrate on this platform.  Being a freelancer has a perk of setting your own time. So, during free time, learn the skills and advance... Read more

Work Away from home-Interesting places where freelancers work

Work Away from Home: Interesting Places Where Freelancers Work

One of the major perks freelancers has is the work flexibility. They don’t have to worry about dreaded commute time every day. Freelancers can work as per to their comfort level. (Couch, Dining area & Patio etc)  On the other hand, it can become lonely working from home all day. There can be distractions and a slight plummet in work motivations that can hinder your productivity levels. via GIPHY So, to break the monotonous work-from-home style, here are some of the interesting places where freelancers can choose to work. Coffee shops Ah, my favorite. Coffee shops are one of the most popular spots where freelancers like to work and network with fellow freelancers. It’s the unique vibe that improves the... Read more