Learn using Fiverr Learn: A new platform helps freelancers to boost their marketing skills

Learn using Fiverr Learn: A new platform helps freelancers to boost their marketing skills

There is a new online learning platform called Learn introduced by Fiverr. Learn to update with new skills and keeping up with the latest market knowledge is a useful trait that every freelancer should possess.  Designed specifically for freelancers and professionals to up their skills, Fiverr Learn is a curated online course platform which is affordable and easy.  This is something super smart to loop between earnings and education. Learn has learning courses in digital marketing, graphic design, branding, copywriting, illustration and other topics. The instructors are the industry experts who has an excellent skillset to demonstrate on this platform.  Being a freelancer has a perk of setting your own time. So, during free time, learn the skills and advance... Read more

Work Away from home-Interesting places where freelancers work

Work Away from Home: Interesting Places Where Freelancers Work

One of the major perks freelancers has is the work flexibility. They don’t have to worry about dreaded commute time every day. Freelancers can work as per to their comfort level. (Couch, Dining area & Patio etc)  On the other hand, it can become lonely working from home all day. There can be distractions and a slight plummet in work motivations that can hinder your productivity levels. via GIPHY So, to break the monotonous work-from-home style, here are some of the interesting places where freelancers can choose to work. Coffee shops Ah, my favorite. Coffee shops are one of the most popular spots where freelancers like to work and network with fellow freelancers. It’s the unique vibe that improves the... Read more

How AI can impact the brand marketing

This is How AI can Impact the Brand Marketing Process

An AI tag to a brand can boost the customer’s purchasing decision. As Ben Lamm stated in AdWeek that,  ” By 2025, most brand experiences will be delivered using AI”. The question is how many brands will sustain until then. In this pacy world, there is a constant change in the technology and the customer’s perception towards products and services. Marketers are competitively working in ways to improve their branding efforts. During this journey, there can be inconsistency and irrelevance factors that can make or break the brand perception. This is where AI comes in picture. AI can help brands in cost optimization efforts. It bridges the budget gap by deciphering the exact data for marketers to send product recommendations... Read more

How to plan for retirement as a freelancer

How to plan for retirement as a freelancer

In its fifth annual year 2018,  a survey by Upwork and Freelancer’s Union findings show that Americans are spending more than 1 billion hours freelancing. So, somewhere the freelance work is quantified in a much larger number. But, retirement plan is essential for freelancers too. With the perks of working anywhere, freelancing is gaining its momentum over the traditional work setting. But the lack of employer providing retirement benefits such as 401 (k) plan can make things confusing when one makes the retirement plan. Retiring with $1 million is not going to suffice the retirement success. As a millennial freelancer, one should understand the fact that as costs rise in the future, a dollar value will not be the same.... Read more

Blogs that every freelancer should follow

In the freelance world, one should actively sell their skillset and keep up with the current work trends. Blogs play an important role in setting freelance knowledge and the presence in the online community. To stay current in the field, blogs help freelancers to improve their knowledge about the world of freelance and utilize to their advantage. Here are some of the blogs that every freelancer should follow: Freelancer’s Union Freelancer’s Union helps with the content that explains the ins and out of the freelance business. The blog is especially important during the tax season- when many freelancers are trying to figure out how to report their wages and how much taxes they owe. There are Freelancers Union Spark monthly... Read more